Our end-to-end animation pipeline produces content from concept to final animation for every type of CG project; whether it’s stylized video game cinematics and in-game move trees or photoreal feature films and associated marketing, House of Moves has the animators to breathe life into your characters.

As one of the first studios to use game engines for on-set production, we’ve grown our pipeline to include custom, in-engine, video game and virtual reality development. We have a game team ready to help you build your move trees in Unity or create entire VR experiences in Unreal. We want you to lead the creative charge while we bring your game or experience to life!

Motion Capture

We’ve been pioneers in the motion capture industry for over two decades. Our dynamic nature allows us to shoot large scale body-only stunt sequences, full performance with head mounted cameras, optical face markers and everything in between. We believe in using the right technology for your shot, not changing your pipeline to accommodate our technology. Having multiple sound stages, allows House of Moves to truly be the Swiss army knife of motion capture.

Post Production

We have spent the last 25 years focusing on increasing the quality of our motion capture data, because bad motion capture data can cause animators to spend more time cleaning up than it would take to keyframe. With a very critical eye for accuracy, we clean the data, use our custom written solver to get an accurate actor skeleton, then have animators (not just technical artists) retarget the shot. We preserve the intention of your actors and make sure it breathes through to your character.

Full-Performance Capture

Our sound-controlled stage allows us to shoot large/small scale full-performance sequences and capture high-quality audio simultaneously.

Digital Assets

Your characters and environments need to look great and move believably. Our in-house digital asset team is here to do just that. Our team is ready to model from scratch or from scan data, rig the body and face, set up cloth/hair sims and build shaders. From photoreal digital doubles to stylized characters and locations, we can build a full world for you to tell your story.

Production Services

Need help with other aspects of your production? We’re ready to help. We have on-staff Producers, Casting Directors, Editors, and 3D Previs Artists, ready to get your project into full production, finaled and out the door!