Motion Capture Sound Stage

At House of Moves, we designed our one-of-a-kind motion capture space like a Swiss army knife, because we know that motion capture is one of the tools in the production toolbox. Our 80’x30’x14’ stage volume, complete with sound padding and pick points for wire work and head mount camera ready, is based in Los Angeles, central to the entertainment industry and acting talent.

Within this space, our ‘MoCap Trees’ can create a more camera-dense 25’x25’ volume, which allow us to capture face motion using optical markers (for the flexibility of capture without head cameras) and eye data using EOG systems, as well as high resolution finger data (with no inertial gloves).

House of Moves is the pioneer of streaming real-time motion capture data into Unreal. Using our proprietary and patented ‘Helibug’ technology, we can stream onto final characters in the game space or provide an unprecedented level of quality to pre-production in the film space. In addition, the camera coverage allows for teams to bring in green screens for shooting plates in conjunction with motion capture.

Our motion capture methodologies and virtual production pipelines allow directors the ability to direct the way they feel most comfortable without needing to worry about the technology limiting them or getting in the way.