Recently, 14-year old video game enthusiast Sam came to the house of moves stages for a behind-the-scenes look at motion capture production and even got a sneak peek at a AAA game currently in preproduction. The Colorado native traveled to Los Angeles with his family for a vacation organized by the Make a Wish Foundation. Sam is challenged by osteogenesis imperfecta – a condition causing fragile bones – though it was scarcely noticeable when HOM techs suited up Sam and his younger brother Jakob to perform a carefully choreographed fight sequence, which they got to see in real time in the Motion Builder feed.

A huge fan of video games, Sam’s two wishes were to meet YouTube sensation and gaming guru Freddie Wong, and to visit house of moves for a look at where Uncharted and Dead Space were shot. Not only does Sam play video games, but he also enthusiastically consumes tons of background info pertaining to his favorite pastime. He has watched b-roll from all the top games and keeps up with news from the motion capture industry, which is how he knew about HOM’s involvement in gaming and why he wanted to visit the space where major video game developers shoot their stuff.

HOM Business Development Manager Jimmy Corvan acted as tour guide for the afternoon and he was blown away by Sam’s extensive motion capture knowledge and how he had such a passion for the industry at such a young age. An aspiring director, Sam took the opportunity to quiz Jimmy on in-depth aspects of mocap including what he needed to study in order to break into the profession. If Sam continues on his current path and his drive is any indication, he might even be back at HOM in a few years – but behind the camera this time!