Indian Studio, Labyrinth, teams up with Hollywood’s House of Moves for complex motion capture shoot
Labyrinth Cinematic Solabyrinth2lutions, one of India’s leading visual effects solutions providers has recently completed work on an extremely complex and visual effects-heavy television commercial, involving state-of-the-art motion capture techniques, in collaboration with Los Angeles, USA, based motion capture facility, House of Moves. House of Moves is an Industry leader in the field of motion capture and has worked on several marquee titles such as Tron legacy, Super 8, Gears of war 3, Call of Duty, and Halo among many others.
Conceptualized by JWT India for a leading FMCG brand, the project was further developed and detailed by Labyrinth through a rigorous and grueling pre-production protocol which included storyboarding, look development, environment creation, shot breakdowns, budgets, etc.  As the final details of the project took shape, it was determined that motion capture would be the most efficient option, as traditional animation would have pushed up timelines and  budgets.
“Motion capture is drastically changing the face of animation. With the benchmark being pushed for realistic and high quality content, the most efficient and impactful option for achieving the ever-increasing standards in animation is motion capture,” said Siddhartha Jayakar, CEO & Co-founder of Labyrinth Cinematic Solutions.
While the creative vision to execute complex VFX projects is present in India, there is a severe lack of high quality motion capture infrastructure. This is where House of Moves came in with its robust and tested motion capture pipeline and facilities.
labyrinth3Each and every aspect of the project was meticulously planned by Labyrinth’s team. Armed with detailed and exhaustive movement boards, the team headed to LA for the mocap shoot, which was streamed live to the team and clients in India. Using the data gleaned from the shoot, artists at Labyrinth proceeded to build on it by incorporating the shoot material into their animation pipeline. The final compositing and delivery was done out of Mumbai, thereby enabling the delivery of an international-standard film at a fraction of international costs.
“This collaboration represents a paradigm shift for Indian clients, as it brings Hollywood quality motion capture to their doorsteps by making it more accessible and affordable,” said Brian Rausch, CEO of House of Moves. “Labyrinth was a great client; they showed up very organized and were able to maximize their time onset.”
“We at Labyrinth and House of Moves are super excited about the collaboration and are extremely keen to establish high quality and cost effective motion capture as the industry standard in the Indian market,” said Siddhartha about the scope and vision of visual effects industry in India.