HOM Captures Athletes for Reebok Zigtech Commercials

House of Moves (HOM), a leading motion capture and animation service company, recently completed motion capture for a standout Reebok campaign directed by Alexei Tylevich of production company Logan via agency DDB Entertainment Berlin. The seven-spot campaign centers around animated versions of pro athletes, the one currently airing features Peyton Manning.

“Working with House of Moves was a great experience. The shoot days were very smooth and the entire process from start to finish was seamless,” said Alexei Tylevich, director and owner, Logan. “It was easy to work with HOM; they were great helping our team of animators receive and handle the data. Overall, the level of know-how, professionalism and support HOM provided is unsurpassed.”

Logan came to HOM to capture the performances of various athletes for spots focused on a range of sports, from football and ice hockey to basketball. The performances were captured on HOM’s main stage using Vicon’s most advanced MX T-160 (16 megapixel) motion capture cameras. Additionally, HOM used real-time cartoon shaders on set to mimic the final look of the project. This allowed Logan to preview captures in real-time to quickly validate the direction of a given take rather than waiting for post render effects to be completed.

The campaign features animated versions of pro athletes such as Chad Ochocinco, Alexander Ovechkin, Lewis Hamilton and others training in a stylized, illustrated world. Each spot starts out as a single red line on a solid black background that forms line-drawn environments, athletes and training routines in a fantastic animated universe culminating in the zigzag shape of the Zigtech shoe sole.

“Because the look of the campaign was so simple, the main focus was on the movement of the athletes. Keyframe animation was out of question in this case. With motion capture we were able to re-enact the signature moves of specific athletes at the HOM studio, and work with the data to construct compelling action-filled sequences from various bits of captured data stitched together. This type of seamless athletic performance would’ve been impossible to achieve in any other way,” concluded Tylevich.

Vicon House of Moves has been the go-to studio for film, television, game and commercial creatives for over 10 years and has recently worked on advertising projects for Zoic Studios, Motion Theory, MPC, Psyop, Method, Radium and The Mill. In addition to the HOM main stage, the 26,000 square-foot facility is also home to a full performance capture volume capable of recording simultaneous high-quality audio with a capture session without any interfering background noise.